You deserve more control over your healthcare journey.

The Chronius platform simplifies care coordination: empowering you to propel action with insights driven by your personal health data.

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Managing a chronic condition can feel like a full-time job.

Coordinating appointments

Feeling heard by your care team

Tracking symptoms & lab results

Organizing & sharing relevant health data

Understanding your condition & treatment plan

Finding the right provider

Say hello to an easier way to coordinate your healthcare.

A solution made for patients, by patients.

A 360° view of your health data

No more binders. One single login.

Chronius pulls together all of your health data in one place. We help identify trends and share with doctors your whole health profile—whether that comes in the form of electronic health records, wearables, hard copy reports, or self-reported symptoms.

A case manager in your pocket

Advocate for yourself with efficient and effective doctors appointments.

From first symptom through diagnosis and into disease management, Chronius is there to guide you through each step of your patient journey. We’ll give you the right questions to ask, unique insights on your data, and education to arm you to be your own advocate.

A new way to give your provider the info they need to know

A simple and intuitive interface to share the data that matters most.

Whether you’re seeing a cardiologist for the first time or meeting with your long standing rheumatologist, we present your complex medical history in a way that is clear, succinct, and understandable to both you and your provider.

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If you have -- or think you may have -- a chronic condition, the Chronius platform is for you.

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